I am a PhD student at the University of Hong Kong (香港大學) under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Oliveira. My research interests are centered around programming languages. I received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Technology from Chu Kochen Honors College of Zhejiang University (浙江大学) in 2019. I was an exchange student at Tokyo Institute of Technology (東京工業大学) under the supervision of Prof. Hidehiko Masuhara in 2017.

During the undergraduate years, I was the founder of ZJU Apple Club and a member of ZJU Supercomputing Team. I led the development of Qiushichao Mobile for iOS, which has been the most popular campus app at Zhejiang University.

I graduated from Yangzhou High School of Jiangsu Province, which is also China's ex-president Jiang's alma mater.

My Chinese name is 「孫耀珠sūnyàozhū」. For your information, it reads 「ソンヨウジュ」 in Japanese and 「손요주」 in Korean.


University of Hong Kong » Programming Languages Group
Doing research on compositional programming based on disjoint intersection types, disjoint polymorphism, and nested composition.
Tokyo Institute of Technology » Programming Research Group
Conducted research on object-oriented high performance computing and contributed to Ikra-Ruby, a Ruby Gem for array-based GPU computing, and Ikra-Cpp, a C++/CUDA EDSL for OOP with the structure-of-arrays memory layout.
Matthias Springer, Yaozhu Sun, and Hidehiko Masuhara. Inner Array Inlining for Structure of Arrays Layout [paper] [slides]. In Proceedings of the 5th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Libraries, Languages, and Compilers for Array Programming, co-located with PLDI. Philadelphia, USA, 19 June 2018.


Microsoft Research Asia » Machine Learning Group » Research Intern
Apr 2019 - July 2019
Huawei » Compilers and Programming Languages Lab » Software Engineering Intern
July 2018 - Aug 2018




Room 430, Chow Yei Ching Building,
The University of Hong Kong,
Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong